Feb 20 2013

Launching the Labconco Mobile Site

With the ever-growing popularity and use of smartphones and tablets, it’s no longer enough to have a website that looks good on a full size monitor. In fact, monitors come in so many shapes and sizes now, that website design has to be responsive. That means the site automatically adjusts its display for different sized monitors, so that users can read the site without too much scrolling and resizing.

But for smaller mobile devices and smartphones even a responsive site can be a nightmare to navigate, which is why we recommend building a mobile-specific site, optimized for the small screen, with fewer images and simpler navigation. A mobile site takes advantage of the great content already created on your main site, simply transforming it for smaller screens. It’s also cheaper and easier to support and maintain than a custom app, and, unlike an app, works on most mobile devices, regardless of platform.

Recently we launched a new mobile site for Labconco, a laboratory equipment manufacturer in Kansas City. With a clean, uncluttered appearance, the mobile site lets users jump straight to the main menus – Products, News, Sales & Support, Contact – to find the information they’re looking for fast.

You can see the difference for yourself.

The full Labconco site is graphical, uses drop-down menus for navigation, and takes advantage of the space available on larger monitors to display a full-width slider to highlight tools and products. Pages are longer and there’s room for different content areas and elements. It has a responsive design so that it displays well not just on larger monitors, but also on tablets and netbooks.

Full sized Labconco website

The new mobile Labconco site is a slimmed down version that’s easy to navigate and quick to respond. It makes the most of the small screen size and minimizes the distractions, to help you find what you’re looking for fast. You can even tap Add to Home screen, so that next time you need it, you can find the Labconco site right on your home screen.

Example of mobile Labconco site Another example of the mobile Labconco site

At Ebeacon we’re always looking for better ways of helping your customers find what they need from your catalog or website, whether that’s on their computer monitor, tablet, or smartphone. Check out our Services pages to see what else we can do to help your business thrive. Or, if you already know you need a mobile site, contact us to discuss your project.